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Montego Hose Pot

Beautiful Copper and Brass Hose Pot

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Home » Garden Accessories » Hose Pots » Montego Hose Pot
Beautiful Copper and Brass Hose Pot
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Product Details
The sculptural dimple design on the Montego Hose Pot is intricate and elegant. Roomy enough for 150 feet of garden hose. Unique decorative alternative for storage. Handcrafted in from steel with a beautiful Venetian bronze finish. Durable materials withstand the elements. Holes in bottom provide drainage. Convenient side holes allow hose to stay connected to faucet by Good Directions.

Posh, yet practical, these attractive hose pots enrich the yard and garden with their style and charm. A handsome hiding spot for up to 150 fee of unruly garden hose, each pot is handmade using Old World techniques with modern innovation to create an attractive and practical outdoor accent. A raised interior base helps guide the hose within the container,while multiple drainage holes eliminate excess water. An ample side hole allows the hose to be easily connected to an outdoor faucet. These versatile containers can also be used as graceful planters, firewood containers, or impressive drink buckets sure to strike up conversation.


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Montego Hose Pot
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Home » Garden Accessories » Hose Pots » Montego Hose Pot