Bay Window & Awning Measurement & Installation

In the past, one had to find a qualified artisan and have him come to your location to fabricate your bay window cover on the spot. Not any more! Our bay windows are custom built one a time to your specifications and delivered to you ready for installation by semi-skilled workers. We’ve accomplished this though our unique unitary design method. Our bay window cover comes to you in one piece, built on its own base, and ready to simply set atop and fasten to the existing bay window structure. No need to pay a master carpenter to frame out and deck. Simply finish your bay window with a flat top, then set our bay window cover unit on, fasten it down, and flash it to the wall. 

How to Measure Your Bay Window or Awning

Although bay windows come in an infinite number of sizes, there are several common types: 

Square or rectangular: the sides turn back to the wall at 90 degree angles to the front.
Oval or bow: bows out in a graceful arc from the wall. One variation has the window projecting out 8-18 inches at 90 degrees then arcing.
Round: the window is a full half circle or quite close to it.
Winged or 45 degree: ends slope back to wall at or near a 45 degree angle.

Regardless of your bay window type, the measurements you need are the depth (how is it from the front of the window back to the wall) the height (A word about height: often the height of the bay window cover is merely a matter of personal taste, but other times there may be architectural obstacles to height, such as a second story window or balcony. Make sure you are aware of this and check to make sure you have sufficient room for it.) and the lenght. All awnings and bay windows are sold by the lineal foot, so you’ll need to mutliply the price by the length.     

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