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Chimney Caps & PotsCypress Bell bell shaped chimney cap.

Our artisans have many years of experience creating beautiful custom copper chimney caps and chimney pots for the finest homes. The copper chimney cap and chimney pot fabrication techniques used were handed down from father to son to our highly skilled copper artisans. We are the only complete online source for anything copper. Whatever you want, we can custom make Custom stack chimney cap for with two chimney pots for clay flues.it to your specifications. Contact Us to get your project started today!

Chimney Cap & Pots

A chimney cowl or cap is placed on top of the chimney to prevent birds and squirrels from nesting in the chimney. They often feature a rain guard to keep rain from going down the chimney. A metal wire mesh is often used as a spark arrestor to minimize burning debris from rising out of the chimney and making it onto the roof. Although the masonry inside the chimney can absorb a large amount of moisture which later evaporates, rainwater can collect at the base of the chimney. Sometimes weep holes are placed at the bottom of the chimney to drain out collected water. Some caps stabilizes the draft rather than increasing it. Other caps are based on the Venturi effect, solving downdraft problems by increasing the up draft constantly resulting in much higher fuel consumption.

A chimney pot is placed on top of the chimney to inexpensively extend the length of the chimney, and to improve the chimney’s draft. A chimney with more than one pot on it indicates that there is more than one fireplace on different floors sharing the chimney.

How to Measure Your Chimney Cap

Fill in the blanks of the diagram below to determine your chimney cap size and help you provide measurements for ordering your new chimney cap or chimney pot. If you have a chimney with a clay flue, the pipe diameter and location measurements are not needed. Please specify clay flue(s)’s distance from each outside edge of the chimney chase.

How to measure square chimney cap. 

Important Things to Note

Be certain your chimney is square! An out of square chimney requires a chimney cap that is the full length and or width of the chimney plus the amount it is out of square. The reason is that an out of square chimney is skewed. Thus, if your chimney is 1/2" out of square and the opposing sides on the out of square dimension are 36", you will need a 36 1/2" chimney cap on that dimension to compensate for the out of square. (See diagram below.)

How to measure skewed chimney cap.

Check the Size of Your Flue Spark Arrestor!

The Classic Bell has a standard 24" inside height for the spark arrestor; the Suburban a 20" height. This is more than sufficient for most chimneys, which are 16". But be certain: measure your spark arrestor height!

As always, if you need assistance, please feel free to call one of our experts.

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