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Commercial Awnings & canopies

Our artisans have many years of experience creating beautiful custom window, door, and entry awnings and canopies for fine homes in copper and other metals. But we also build awnings and canopies for commercial applications from coast to coast. We have shipped our awnings to satisfied customers from San Francisco to Miami.

We have built awnings and canopies for as number of commercial enterprises as well. Our awnings and canopies were selected for Dillards department stores from eastern beaches to western deserts and up to the Great Lakes. We’ve built awnings and canopies for strip malls and for the malls and stores insidethe malls. We’ve even built awnings and canopies for paint and body shops and other industrial applications. In short if you need any kind of metal awning or canopy, then we’ve probably already built it. If not, we’re looking forward to the challenge.

Awning MeasurementBarrel curve awning on West Houston Surgical Hospital.

In the past, one had to find a qualified artisan and have him come to your location to fabricate your custom awning or canopy. Not any more! Our custom copper awnings are custom built one a time to your specifications and delivered to you ready for installation bydo it your selfers or any competent handyman. We’ve accomplished this though our unique modular design methods. Our awnings come to you in one piece, complete with flashings and mounting hardware, ready to fasten to the wall.

How to SelecT An Awning

Although awnings come in an infinite number of sizes, there are several common types:

Square or rectangular: the sides turn back to the wall at 90 degree angles to the front.
Oval or bow: bows out in a graceful arc from the wall. One variation has the window projecting out 8-18 inches at 90 degrees then arcing.
Oval Marquee: barrel curved awning with rectangular center section and quarter circle ends returning to wall.
Round: the window is a full half circle or quite close to it.
Rounded Marquee: straight barrel curved center section at ninety degree angles to the building.
Gable Marquee: gabled awning with center ridge and two eaves at ninety degree angles to the building.

Regardless of your awning type, the measurements you need are the depth (distance from the front of the awning back to the wall) length (from end to end where the awning meets the wall), and height. A word about height: often the height of the awning is merely a matter of personal taste, but other times there may be architectural obstacles to height, such as a second story window or balcony. Make sure you are aware of this and check to make sure you have sufficient room for it.  Also if you have and sidelights you will want to take that into account. Most find they prefer the awning to extend just a bit beyond the casing on either side.

A Few Words About Awnings

Design the Awning: Before you start anything, you need to decide what kind of awning you want. You have many choices for size and shape. Rounded marquee, gable marquee, quarter round, dome or traditional styles look great over doors. The look of the awning will be a subjective decision, entirely up to the style of your building and your tastes. You will also need to choose a metal and perhaps a color.

Take Accurate Measurements: You will need to have an idea of the size and the pitch of the awning. The only way to get this is to get measurements of the space for the awning–the height, length, andprojection are needed. Measure the height of the awning from the top of the door to the termination point. Make sure you account for carriage lights or any protruding brick or stone courses or offsets in the facade whether brick, stone, stucco, EIFS, or siding. If we know about these issues in advance we can usually work around them. It is best practice with very uneven stone facades to install a special flashing receiver prior to masonary work.

Contact Classic Copper Works: Just call or write us and we’ll talk you through the entire process from start to finish to make sure you get just exactly what you want. We want to help you purchase an entry awning in a material and design that complements your home and your lifestyle so you’ll tell your friends!
9443 Cossey Rd.
Houston, Texas 77070
email: staff@ClassicCopper.com
phone: (832) 698-2742
fax: (832) 698-2742
mobile: (281) 705-7199
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