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Copper Bay Window Roof

Bay, bow, and box windows are window spaces projecting outward from the main walls of a building or home and forming a bay in a room, either square or polygonal in plan. The angles most commonly used on the inside corners of the bay are 90, 135 and 150 degrees. Bay windows are usually associated with Victorian architecture as they first achieved widespread popularity in the 1870s. Bay, bow and box windows are commonly used to provide the illusion of a larger room and to increase the flow of natural light into a room as well as provide panoramic views that would be impossible with an ordinary window.Classic Oval copper bow window roof.

Bay, bow, and box windows are a gorgeous way to fill your home with natural light. But what about the roof? Every bay window must have a bay window roof. A well designed and constructed bay window roof adds charm and character to the facade of your house, whereas a poorly designed bay window cover can be a leaky nuisance and constant maintenance chore. To construct, layout, and install bay, bow, and box windows roofs, and covers used to be an enormous obstacle for the do it yourselfer. Not any more!

With our custom built bay, bow, and box window roofs and covers a roof structure or decking is no longer needed. Our modular design bay, bow, and box window roofs include the structure and the decking. Each custom constructed unit comes with plywood decking, DL Drip edge, the finished roof section, all the required structure, and precut flashings where required. Installing your bay, bow, and box window roof on your home couldn’t be easier. Simply place our modular unit atop the ceiling joists, fasten, and–if required–install the flashings. That’s it. You’re done!

Our artisans have many years of experience creating beautiful custom copper bay, bow, and box window roofs for the finest homes. The copper bay window roof fabrication techniques used were handed down from father to son to our highly skilled copper artisans. Over he years we’ve fabricated many bay, bow, and box window roofs. Whatever kind of bay window you want, we can custom make it to your specifications. Contact Us to get your bay, bow, or box window project started today!

Classic Copper Works’s copper bay, bow, and box window roofs have long been in high demand. Over the past 46 years, Classic Copper Works has crafted many of these items. In most cases copper bay and bow window roofs can be fabricated and shipped for installation by a pair of workers with handyman skills. The copper bay window roof to the left has a slight convex curve, a specialty Classic Copper Works is known for. For more examples of our custom work, visit our Photo Gallery.

Copper Bay Window Roof Measurement

In the past, one had to find a qualified artisan and have him come to your location to fabricate your bay window cover on the spot. Not any more! Our bay window roofs are custom built one a time to your specifications and delivered to you ready for installation by semi-skilled workers. We’ve accomplished this though our unique unitary design method. Our bay, bow, or box window cover comes to you in one piece, built on its own 5/8 inch plywood base, and ready to simply set atop the existing bay window structure. No need to pay a master carpenter to frame out and deck.. Simply finish your bay window with a flat top, then set our bay window cover unit on, fasten it down, and flash it to the wall.

Bay, Bow, or Box?

Although bay windows come in an infinite number of sizes, there are several common types: 

Box Window: the sides turn back to the wall at 90 degree angles to the front.
Bow or Oval Window: bows out in a graceful arc from the wall. One variation has the window projecting out 8-18 inches at 90 degrees then arcing.
Round: the window is a full half circle or quite close to it.
Bay Window: ends slope back to wall at or near a 45 degree angle.
Returned End Bay Window: the ends make two forty-five degree turns to meet the wall at a right or ninety degree angle.

How to Measure Your Bay Window

Regardless of your copper bay window type, the measurements you need are the depth (how is it from the front of the window back to the wall) length (from end to end where the window meets the wall), and height. A word about height: often the height of the bay window cover is merely a matter of personal taste, but other times there may be architectural obstacles to height, such as a second story window or balcony. Make sure you are aware of this and check to make sure you have sufficient room for your copper bay window roof.

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