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Copper Domes, Gazebos, & Turrets

by James Threadgill
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Diamond Swirl Copper domes

Classic Copper Works copper domes, turrets, & gazebos have been one of our most sought after premium services. Our premium roofing product, double-lock standing seam is based on a German design that is one of the oldest and most durable roofing systems known. Copper domes have been valued for centuries for their timeless beauty and durability. Iin Europe copper domes hundreds of years old are still in service.

Shingle Domes, Turrets, & Gazebos

A diamond swirl copper shingle roof on a dome and an ellipse is above left. This project is in Carleton Woods, an exclusive subdivision in The Woodlands. The copper shingles are different sizes for each course: as the dome gets smaller, so do the shingles. Each shingle was handmade on the site one at a time. This copper shingle dome and copper shingle ellipse took approximately six weeks to complete.

Copper GazeboClassic Copper Works has executed a number of copper specialty roofing projects over our many years in business. Copper gazebos are a frequent specialty item. The project to the right features a curved standing seam gore roof, with decorative half round crown band, and acorn finial. Classic Copper Works produces numerous complex curved roofs. Copper gazebos are not the only type of specialty copper roofing Classic Copper Works is known for: We’ve created many barrel curve roofs and awnings, steeples, bay, bow, & box window roofs as well as copper range hoods.

Standing Seam Domes, Turrets, & Gazebos

Standing seam metal roofing‘s resistance to adverse weather and climatic conditions is legendary, and it comes in a variety of colors and materials: Galvalume®, copper galvanized, aluminum, and the popular Kynar 500 / Hylar5000® coatings in a number of designer colors. In addition to our manufacturing, Classic Copper Works takes on a small number of specialty copper roofing applications.

Standing Seam Bell Turret

The house to the left features a Victorian turret and spire over rubber underlayment. The copper standing seam panels duplicate the look of original Victorian turret. These Victorian Bell Turrets are also often referred to clerestory due the windows placed all around which offer sweeping panoramic views.

Along with geometric design gazebos, like the one below right, Classic Copper Works also produces complex curved roofs like the bell shaped gazebo with matching bell shaped cupola to the left. This ornate design’s timeless beauty coupled with copper’s durability insures that this copper specialty roof will be appreciated for many years.

Benefits of Copper Roofing

Copper standing seam gazebo with bell cupola.
Copper roofing is attractive in appearance and lasts many lifetimes.
Copper roofing is non-combustible and provides fire resistance. It has received an A or B fire rating from several code bodies. It has also received high ratings from Underwriters Laboratory.
Copper roofing is low maintenance and long lasting, resisting decay, discoloration and mildew.
Copper roofing has excellent performance in wind resistance, water, snow, ice shedding, and hail resistant.
Copper roofing increases your home’s resale value.
Copper roofing is energy efficient. Standing seam roofs can be insulated with almost any amount of insulation. Add the radiant barrier effect to this and they are the most energy efficient of any roofing system. Fiberglass blanket insulation is installed directly under the panels and stretched over the supporting structural members to reduce energy costs and dampen noise. Foam insulation blocks also can be used between roof panels and substructures to prevent thermal loss, with a natural radiant barrier effect Radiant Barriers block the transfer of heat from the sun to your attic. Heat travels through your attic primarily as radiant energy, rather than by conduction or convection. The heat conducts to the underside of the roof deck and radiates down to the top of the ceiling insulation, then into the room below. A radiant barrier (e.g., metal roof) between the Sun and the ceiling insulation breaks the chain. A radiant barrier reflects 97% of the radiant heat back up to where it came from.

In all areas copper roofing is superior to any other roofing material, making copper roofing the best choice for your copper gazebo, dome, or spire. Classic Copper Works stands ready to fill that need with quality service and a lasting commitment to your satisfaction. We are always happy to provide references and information about our copper domes, gazebos, and turrets.