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Copper Half Round Gutter

by James Threadgill
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Wardalf Round Copper GUtter

Classic Copper Works fabricates and installs residential copper half round gutter systems a in a variety of materials: copper, galvanized, aluminum, Galvalume®, and the popularand durable Kynar 500® and Hylar5000® coatings in designer colors. Several standard profiles are available: box style, ogee, and half round. Classic Copper Works’s craftsmen can produce custom gutter profiles to almost any requirements. Classic Copper Works also offers a full array of gutter accessories: conductor heads, decorative downspout attachment straps, and underground drainage access clean outs.

Half Round A Hill Country Favorite

Copper K style gutter installation.

The Texas Hill Country surrounding Austin is a favored location for many high-end homeowners. Tuscany-style homes with stucco and tile like the one to left are popular as are designs that replicate the old Texas farmhouses of the 1800s. European and Mediterranean-style homes have always had half round gutters — and so did those old Texas farmhouses and galvalume half round gutter is popular on Houston West End Tin House architecture. The continued strong interest in half round gutter confirms that half round gutters, a product that has been around for at least two centuries, are being updated for today’s marketplace. The majority of homes in upscale communities are copper half-round gutter. Neighbors see neighbor’s half round gutters, check out the options on the Internet, and are ready to buy. The demand for half-round gutters will keep growing.

Tuscany style home with patina treated copper hr gutter and awning.

Our artisans have many years of experience installing copper gutter systems for the most discriminating tastes. Half round copper gutters are traditional, elegant, and timeless, a warm addition to your home. The techniques used for our copper half round gutter projects were handed down from father to son to our highly skilled artisans. We offer complete custom fabrication services for distinctive half round copper gutter.

Copper K Style Gutter

 style Copper Gutter

In addition to half round gutter, Classic Copper Works also handles K style copper gutter, sometimes referred to as OG or cornice style gutter. In general, K style gutters come in two sizes. The typical gutter system found on most homes consists of 5 inch K-style gutters with 2 inch x 3 inch downspouts. An oversized gutter system would consist of larger 6 inch K-style gutters using 3 inch x 4 inch downspouts.

Gutters are an important aspect of exterior water management for your home. A properly designed and installed gutter system helps to direct water away from the foundation of the home, reducing the risk of wet basements and foundation walls, protects against landscape erosion and can improve safety by directing water away from sidewalks and driveways.

Classic Copper Works is your complete source for copper K style and copper half round gutter systems.