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Copper Range Hoods

by James Threadgill
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Stratford Copper Range Hood

Our Texas inspired rustic and ranch style copper range hoods include built-in diachroic lighting and powerful quiet operation exhaust fans. In addition, we offer matching accessories, for our copper kitchen hoods such as: back splash panels, pot racks, shelf units, dish racks, and other attachments, allowing a greater flexibility of design. We also offer complete copper kitchen counter and splash fabrication services.

Our designer range hoods and copper kitchen hoods feature state of the art 304 stainless steel Prestige America Power Pack vent hood insers. Features include:

  • Configuration: Copper with Steel Frame Construction
  • Outer Dimension: 42" x 24" x 30" 
  • Installation Type: Wall Mount
  • Suggested Distance Between Stove Top and Range Hood: 30" – 36"
  • Hand Made
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Composition: 99.7% Pure Recycled Copper
  • Packaging: Crate
  • Hood Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Commercial Grade 304 SS Construction, 
  • 3-Speed Fan Control, 
  • Diachroic lamps with dimmer control, 
  • Quiet Performance, 
  • Dishwasher Safe SS Baffle Filters, 
  • Large Filtered Captured Area
Ponderosa Range Hood

Our designer and copper kitchen hoods may be made from a variety of materials, including: copper, stainless steel, and brass. The copper vent hood shown at the top left is hand constructed from 24 ounce copper sheet. The brass straps are one quarter inch thick and domed head fasteners. The Stratford copper range hood shown has a lacquered antiquated copper patina finish. We also create beautiful copper fireplace hoods and copper vent hoods for outdoor kitchens.


Copper Range Hoods

Colonial Range HoodWe offer a number of rustic and Texas ranch style copper kitchen hood designs on our website. We also custom fabricate copper vent hoods to your exact specifications. Like all the fine copper products we create, our range hoods are hand made one at a time to your exact specifications.

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Designer Range Hoods

Designer Range HoodsThe Ultimate Temptation in Luxury Range Hoods, our custom designer range hoods are second to none. Our Kitchen Range Hoods come in variety of designer metals and finishes.

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Professional Kitchen Hoods

Professional Series Range HoodsThe Ultimate Temptation in Luxury Kitchen Hoods, our custom Professional Series kitchen hoods are second to none. Our Kitchen Hoods come in variety of designer metals and finishes.

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Range Hood Accessories

We offer a number of accessories for designer and copper range hoods on our website. In addition to our own handcrafted designer and copper range hoods, we also carry Prestige America range hoods and range hood Power Pack liners with halogen lighting, high CFM fans, and solid stainless steel construction.

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Range Hood Ventilation

There are 2 major applications of designer and artisanal copper range hoods: ducted (or vented) application, and ductless (or recirculating) application. In a ducted kitchen hood application, the output collar of the range hood’s blower motor is attached to a duct system, which terminates outside of the residence. In a ductless kitchen hood application, a filter containing activated charcoal is used to remove odor and smoke particles from the air, before releasing the cleaned air back into the kitchen environment. Classic Copper Works offers our designer and artisanal copper range hoods in either configuration.

A ducted application is generally preferable, since it allows for removal of all forms of airborne contamination, while ductless range hood application recirculates heat and moisture into the kitchen environment. In addition, a ducted application eliminates the need for replacing the activated charcoal filters on a regular basis, and avoids the airflow restriction (and resultant loss of power) caused by activated charcoal filter placement. However, some kitchen environments do not allow ducted range hood application, due to lack of space or ability to install a duct system, make-up air requirements, or the additional cost of heating/cooling the make-up air. We carry the Prestige America liners which have a range hood recirculation kit available for our copper range hoods when a ductless installation is required for our designer and copper range hoods.