Snow Guard Safety Guidelines

Snow guards are devices that are attached to the roof structure in order to uniformly retain and hold snow in place on the roof area. The snow guards need to be applied in sufficient quantity according to a prescribed pattern in order to be effective. Snow Guards are intended to prevent snow movement and provide for the controlled melt and breakdown of the snow mass into smaller sections. Snow guard placement will vary from region to region and will be influenced by roof pitch, the lengths of roof runs and roof features. Local installation customs may not be the best guide for placement. Snow guards should never be placed beyond the bearing wall on an extended roof section. This can result in ice damming and cause structural damage.

Safety Hazards

Roofing can be hazardous! Serious injury or fatality can result from falls or electrocution from contacting overhead wires. Observe ladder safety rules for load, positioning and security.

Please make sure all roof surfaces are dry and clean before working. Avoid working in excessive heat, high wind or when there is a threat of lightning. Never work alone.

Do not allow material to be unsecured on the roof. Falling objects are dangerous.

Don’t Put Dissimilar Metals Together

Galvanic corrosion will occur when dissimilar metals are in contact in the presence of an electrolyte. Water is an electrolyte. Water that flows over copper becomes electronegative and will cause corrosion of aluminum or steel. Copper, brass or stainless steel fasteners or nails must be used with copper or brass applications. Make sure rivets are solid copper; do not use copper plated steel rivets in copper or brass assembly. Do not use aluminum or galvanized nails to secure any copper products. Corrosion will be more rapid in the presence of salts such as ocean coastal areas or chlorinated water, acid rain, and polluted industrial atmospheres.


TSMW, Inc. will not be responsible for misapplication of product, incorrect material or defects that were obvious at time of installation. Any consequential damage, schedule delays, additional labor, and or equipment rental costs will not be our responsibility. Any warranty claim is limited to cost of the product determined to have a defect.

Installation Specifics
Placement Recommendations

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