Easy Installation

Seam Mounted Snow Guards are installed with hex bit sockets and a standard 3/8" drive ratchet, making installation quick, easy and consistent. Torque will vary with thickness and metal type Installation is so easy that they can be readily installed by maintenance personnel, and can be retrofit on existing structures when-ever and where-ever sliding snow becomes a problem.

Surface Mounted Snow Guards are provided with four starter dimples through which self tapping screws may be driven. It is recommended that holes be pre-drilled before inserting self tapping screws. Fastener selection should be governed by substrate and anticipated loads, but stainless steel or corrosion resistant fasteners with neoprene washers should be insisted upon. Adhesive or sealant should be applied so as to completely cover the underside of the device before it is positioned. Sufficient compression must be created to squeeze adhesive/sealant out around its entire perimeter and a bead of the same material must be applied to create a waterproof joint free of gaps or air pockets.

Surface Mounted Snow Guards can be installed using adhesive alone or in combination with self-tapping screws or other suitable fasteners.


Where adhesive is to be the sole means of attaching surface mount snow guards to the roof surface, we recommend the use of SUREBOND┬« SB-190 Everseal Sealant Caulk. This is a product which has a proven record for this particular use and is well known in the metal roofing industry To assure proper performance, environmental conditions as well as preparation of Snow Guards and the roof surfaces to which they are to be affixed, should be in strict compliance with sealant manufacturer’s printed recommendations; refer to SUREBOND┬« product literature.

To install surface mount snow guards, contact surfaces shall be wiped with isopropyl alcohol and adhesive shall be applied so as to completely coat the underside of the device before positioning it on the roof surface. After positioning, exert uniform pressure until adhesive is squeezed out around the entire perimeter of the Snow Guard and point up joint to create a bead which is free of gaps or air pockets. It should be noted that under certain conditions, temporary measures may need to be employed to hold the Snow Guard in place until initial set of the adhesive has taken place, and that total cure requires 28 consecutive days of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mechanically Attached Snow Brakes

Where temperatures will not be suitable for adhesive installation or where additional strength is required, surface mount snow guards may be attached with through fasteners in combination with the adhesive or with a suitable high-quality silicone sealant where conditions permit.

Snow Brake Placement
Safety Tips

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